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FREE Tesla Powerwalls for 100 GMP Low-income Families with Health Concerns

Green Mountain Power is offering Tesla Powerwall 2.0 batteries to 100 eligible customers, free of charge. A $150,000 grant from the Vermont Low Income Trust for Electricity (VLITE) will pay for the cutting-edge technology and installation in the homes of low income customers with significant need for backup power reliability due to health and mobility issues. The VLITE grant will provide for 100 batteries and cover the cost, free, for customers in need.

Tesla Powerwall batteries provide backup power like a standard generator, but Powerwalls turn on seamlessly and are clean. They can be charged from power off the grid, or with a customer’s own home solar array and offer eight to twelve hours of energy.

Those who are interested in the program should contact Kristin Kelly GMP’s Director of Communications, at (802) 318-0872.

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