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Renewable Energy Around the World

Our leaders like to talk about “American exceptionalism,” but America is not so exceptional when it comes to renewable energy. In fact, we are falling far behind.

Countries all around the world are demonstrating that a transition away from fossil fuels is not only possible, but is a plausible, clean, and affordable path forward. Here’s a quick look at what other countries around the developed world are achieving:

  • In China, an entire province the size of Texas was powered on 100% renewable energy last year.
  • New Zealand recently released a plan to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2035.
  • Iceland is running on 100% renewable energy mostly through geothermal plants.
  • Norway produces 98% of its power needs through renewable energy.
  • Holland’s entire train system now runs on wind power.

We can learn from these initiatives and join their commitment to reach 100% renewable energy.

In our latest video, Bill McKibben describes some of the monumental, and replicable steps that countries around the world are taking towards achieving this goal.

Renewable Energy Around the World

Our leaders must have the courage to admit that if we can learn from the successful energy policies of other countries, we could become a world leader in clean, sustainable energy production.

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