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2018 VT Clean Energy Industries Report

The Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) commissioned Vermont Clean Energy Industries Report for 2018 is now available.
The report (the 5th CEDF has issued) details the number of workers in the different clean energy sectors of Vermont’s overall clean energy economy.
You can download a copy on CEDF’s ‘Reports’ web page:
and here is the direct link to the pdf:
The report contains a special section on Vermont’s wood energy sector. This sector continues to be the focus of CEDF’s incentives and market transformation efforts.
Here is a list of advanced wood heating incentives available in Vermont:
1.      Starting July 1st retails sales of “Advanced Wood Boilers” are exempt from Vermont’s 6% sales tax.   The Tax Department has information on this wood boiler exemption on their website here:
2.      Efficiency VT (EVT) has a new custom incentive for commercial/institutional installations of pellet heating systems. Contact EVT to get details on this new program: (888) 921-5990
a.      EVT also has a flat-rate incentive of $3,000 for pellet boilers. This can be combined with CEDF’s $3,000 incentive for a total of $6,000. EVT and CEDF have combine these two forms into one form to be available very soon.
3.      For residents of Windham and Rutland counties there are specific pellet stove programs designed for low to moderate income residents to change-out old cord wood stoves for new pellet stoves or to install pellet stoves even if they don’t have an old wood stove.
a.      In Windham County contact the Windham and Windsor Housing Trust: Tara Brown at 802-246-2119 or go to their web page:
b.      In Rutland County (and towns in neighboring counties that boarder Rutland Co.) contact Melanie at NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, (802) 797-8610)  The Rutland Heard had an article on this program:
4.      Members of Washington Electric Co-op (WEC) can get a $1,000 rebate on approved pellet boilers/furnaces. This can be added to the CEDF and EVT incentives for a total of $7,000:
a.      Call WEC for more information: 802-223-5245
5.      Members of the Vermont Electric Co-op can get a $150 credit on the purchase of an approved pellet stove:

6.      Stay tuned for information on a wood stove change-out program that will start later this year.

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