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What does the ESSEX Plan mean for you?


The prospect of Vermont’s clean energy future is powerful and exciting, but have you ever considered what it would look like specifically for you and your household?

Now’s the chance to find out just how you’d be impacted by an economy-strengthening climate action plan by signing up for a free ESSEX  (Economy Strengthening Strategic Energy eXchange) Energy Assessment!

As you’ll recall, the ESSEX plan aims to:

  1. strengthen the economy,
  2. prioritize the most vulnerable, and
  3. reduce carbon pollution. 

Your participation in the ESSEX Energy Assessment will help demonstrate the benefits of the ESSEX Plan, inform our policy research, and help climate champions better advocate for similar carbon pricing policies moving forward. 

We greatly appreciate your participation and look forward to making your voice heard.

Thanks for all that you do,

The EIV Team

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