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Historic First: New England Solar Output Produces Daytime LOW Utility Demand

South Portland Solar

The megawatt of solar installed for the City of South Portland was part of a historic clean energy event on April 21, 2018.

For the first time ever, on April 21st, 2018, New England’s combined 2,400 megawatt solar fleet produced so much power that the grid experienced a LOW peak in the middle of the day (this typically occurs in the middle of the night).

This historic event repudiates the naysayers who say solar can’t power a modern-day economy.

Distributed solar generation is the future, and this event illustrates the undeniable fact that we are on our way to building out a solar-powered grid of the future.

Study after study confirms that solar power has uniquely powerful benefits to the grid. Solar provides the most valuable kind of electricity – power during daytime hours – and it is incredibly reliable, with the least amount of environmental impact of any form of electricity generation that exists.

Click through the link below to see a great NPR story on this clean energy milestone!!

Read more & listen: Maine Public segment

GraphThe above illustration shows how solar affects load on the grid. Solar uniquely benefits the grid by reducing load during peak usage times, the most expensive times of day in which to generate power.

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