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Upcoming Webinar: Using Commercial PACE Financing to Improve Efficiency and Resiliency in Buildings

better buildings webinar1It’s one thing to say you need to make your buildings more adaptable to unpredictable weather events and more energy-efficient; it’s another thing to actually pay for it. Resiliency upgrades often come with a high upfront cost, so where does the money come from?

 Enter CPACE!

 This webinar will introduce you to commercial property assessed clean energy, or CPACE, as a financing mechanism for making buildings more resistant to natural disasters while improving energy performance. Three leading Financial Allies will share their experiences on recently-completed projects – including microgrid, distributed generation, wind-hardening, seismic retrofits, and energy efficiency. You’ll also learn about the new Better Buildings CPACE Financing for Resiliency Toolkit, which provides a one-stop shop for information on this topic.

Will Clark, CleanFund; Michele Pitale, Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate; Andrew Zech, Greenworks Lending

Joe Indvik, RE Tech Advisors

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