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Top 5 Reasons to attend NY-GEO 2018 next week

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

#5 Get the Big Picture from across the Globe- The International and Interstate Perspectives Panel will feature geothermal stakeholders from Sweden, Norway, Ontario, the UK and Massachusetts. In addition, find out what NY’s Utilities are thinking about geo in our Utility Panel.
#4 Move the Applause Meter in the GeoStar Top Job Competition. On Wednesday morning you can watch short presentations on 5 of the most striking geothermal installations of the last year. This might be the best way to get a vivid picture of how geothermal works and what its potential is. Feel first hand the pride that installers and designers take in their work.
 #3 – Hear from our keynotes – PSC Chair John B. Rhodes, and Alicia Barton, President & CEO of NYSERDA. Learn what’s coming directly from New York’s top energy policy makers
#2 Network with and Learn from an impressive group of Attendees and Speakers – Over 250 registered from 138 different communities in 21 states, 2 provinces and 6 countries. Visit 30 Industry Leading Exhibitors with the Latest in Renewable Heating & Cooling Technologies
#1 Beneficial Electrification is the next big thing – replacing fossil fuel infrastructure with efficient electric technology will be a huge focus of energy policy for the next decade. Heat pumps and electric vehicles will be a constant source of news and innovation. Get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary transformation.
Join us for the fourth annual NY-GEO Renewable Heating & Cooling Conference at the Red Lion Hotel (formerly Radisson) in Albany, New York on April 18 & 19!
Click here to see the new 55 second video about NY-GEO 2018
Also, check out the contest – Who can give the most concise, accurate and inspiring description for how geo works? Entries end 4/19/18.
NY-GEO 2018 The conference you can’t afford to miss…

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