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Product Preview: LEDdynamics™ Gro-Lights

Just in Time for Gardening 2018

Children amazed on how LEDdynamics™ EverGrōT8® work during a makers fair in 2017. Courtesy photo.

Children amazed on how LEDdynamics™ EverGrōT8® work during a makers fair in 2017. Courtesy photo.

By George Harvey & N. R. Mallery

Ever since we first heard of LEDdynamics, Inc.’s EverLED® lights, which are drop-in replacements for four foot lights in many fluorescent fixtures, we have been waiting for them to offer a grow light. LEDs have a number of important advantages over fluorescent lights, including reduced energy consumption, better light quality, absence of toxic mercury and UV, and longer life, which leads to being safer and the need for replacement is significantly reduced. When we first inquired about the emerging LED horticultural technology, we learned of the challenges of producing a new cost-effective product, so we waited patiently. As a growing engineering and LED lighting manufacturer in Randolph, Vermont, LEDdynamics is known for their innovation.

Our wait has finally paid off. LEDdynamics has introduced the EverGrōT8®. “The spectrum of light emitted by LEDs can now be tailored to maximize Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), the major driver in plant growth. Our goal was to give residential and small scale growers cost effective access to this exciting technology. Now folks can simply plug our EverGroT8® tubes into inexpensive T8 (instant start) fluorescent fixtures,” said Bob Sparadeo, Director of Sales. This means that T8 fluorescent fixtures many people have around may find new life as relatively low-cost grow lights. At roughly $39 each, they may seem a little expensive at first, but they can reasonably be expected to pay for themselves in the reduced energy bills and less frequent replacement. Add to that the already-mentioned environmental advantages, and they are clearly winners.

Because the lights reduce electric usage by 40%, they also give off 40% less heat. This can be important when HVAC is being used. They can be dimmed. They are normally mounted six inches or a little more from the plant leaves. For those gardeners who happen to also be into the physics of light, their photosynthetic photon flux is over two μmol per second, per watt. They have a five year warranty.

Given the savings they can deliver, the EverGrōT8® should be interesting to anyone using artificial lights to grow plants. They should be great for those of us with small gardens, who start seeds indoors in the winter for spring planting outdoors. They can save a lot of money for professional growers who depend on lighting in the winter. Vertical farming is growing quickly, with many restaurants and supermarkets using indoor spaces year round to grow leafy crops, so they can be as fresh as possible when the customer buys them.

Green Energy Times editor Nancy Rae Mallery has been testing the LEDdynamics EverGrōT8® lights. She had this to say, “I use organic gardening practices and being able to get a head start on the growing season adds to my own sustainability. LED grow lights keep my environmental footprint low. Though it is still early spring, and the plants my neighbor and I sprouted from seeds could not get very big before we had to go to press, I am impressed with the EverGrōT8® lights. I want to let our readers know about this great product now, since it’s time to start those seeds. Believe it or not, gardening season is just ahead of us. These grow lights can provide us with one more way to make gardening and agriculture more sustainable.”

Mallery adds, “Part of the reason I hope gardeners will consider using EverGrōT8® lights is that they are locally made. We should support local economies by using products manufactured close to home. Supporting their products is not only good for the planet, it is good for the local economy.”

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