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Letter to the Editor – The Hub

To the editor:

We very much enjoy reading Green Energy Times. We get it at our local Glens Falls, NY YMCA.

The Hub. Courtesy photo.

The Hub. Courtesy photo.

We thought you may be interested in knowing about our recent solar installation in support of a business. Two AllEarth Renewables solar trackers were installed at The Hub, a seasonal business in Brant Lake, New York: a bike repair, bistro, pub, coffee shop, and entertainment venue. The trackers began producing electricity February 24, 2018. It is a 13.44MW system and is anticipated to meet most, if not all, of the electrical energy needs of the business.

As you know, AllEarth Renewables is based near Burlington, VT. The installation was done by Apex Solar, Glens Falls, NY. See photos attached. The business owner is Drew Cappabianca of Glens Falls. The financial evaluation, purchase and installation of the project was managed by his mom and dad, Linda & Frank Cappabianca.

Feel free to call or email us if you would like more information. We are quite excited about this!

Thank you,

Linda, Frank & Drew Cappabianca

◊ ◊ ◊

Green Energy Times responds:

We looked into The Hub and want to describe it to our readers.

Imagine living in a cabin on a lake where you bike and canoe on warm summer days. Your bike is out of commission because it needs a minor repair. You have a large canoe, so you and your life partner load the bike into it, and paddle off to the bike repair shop.

At the end of the lake is a small dock, where you tie up your canoe. It is only a few yards to the repair shop where you settle down for coffee while you wait for the work on the bike to be completed.

Just about the time The Hub’s main bike repairman, Noah Leggett, stops by to tell you that the bike repair is done, owner Drew Cappabianca comes by and suggests that you take a look at the 207 acre lot behind the shop, where he has put hiking paths. Mountain bike paths, he says, will soon be laid out, as well. Instead of going straight back home, you go exploring.

Maybe you want to stay for lunch. Maybe you want to come back later and have dinner and a beer to cool off. But whatever you decide, in the end of the day, you get your bike and paddle home.

The Hub represents a different approach to life, and one many readers of Green Energy Times might think about following. Those who live in the countryside areas might best not copy the life styles of those in towns and cities. “You get rural enough that there is not enough population density to do just one thing. You have to do two or more things to survive,” Cappabianca told us.

His approach plays out in The Hub. He explained, “This is basically like a ski lodge or golf clubhouse for cycling.” The Hub is designed to be a stopping point for refreshments or a destination on its own, for people who like to be active and out in the open air.

The Hub has about fifteen employees, when it is in full operation during the summer. Nevertheless, its 48 280-watt Trina Solar panels are expected to provide about 24,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year, and that is expected to be enough power to provide for all the energy The Hub uses.

The solar system was installed by Apex Solar, whose web site is If have them install a solar system, please tell them you heard about them from Green Energy Times.

The trackers for the system were made by AllEarth Renewables. (

The Hub is in Brant Lake, New York. Their number is (518) 494-4822. Learn more at

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