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Free Weatherization Services for Apartment Owners from 3E Thermal

Finding ways to help renters enjoy the benefits of weatherized homes can be difficult. There’s a program we wanted to put on your radar that might be able to help when working with apartment building landlords in your community. 3E THERMAL is a statewide program designed to help apartment building owners who are rehabbing or repairing their properties. 3E offers free consulting and cash incentives so owners can make the best energy improvement choices for their building and their budget. 3E joins forces with Efficiency Vermont, the Weatherization Program, and other programs, to help navigate the complexities of funding as well as engineering and construction.

This program is aimed at serving lower-income households (meaning that it can only serve apartments that are “affordable” relative to average median income — which includes most apartments in Vermont.) 3E THERMAL serves all of Vermont. Find more details at, or call 802-477-5092.

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