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April 8th: Flavors of the Valley, Hartford, VT


Flavors of the Valley
See you Sunday, April 8
11 am-3 pm

at Hartford High School, Hartford, VT (map here)

at the best Flavors of the Valley ever!


  • Typically the gym is fullest between 11 am-1 pm. This year, by popular demand, we will be delaying entry when the gym is too full. While you are waiting (or at any time) you can enjoy the SunCommon solar bouncy house and live music with Rose Hip Jam. Wow!
  • Did we tell you about the coupons? Find sweet coupon deals from Flavors vendors inside your program.
  • New this year: Aisle One: savory. Aisle Two: cheese and snacks. Aisle Three: sweets.
  • Flavors will be ZERO WASTE this year. Bring bowls, plates, spoons, etc., from home or use our compostable supplies.
  • NEW this year, buy the first ever Flavors of the Valley commemorative mug at the door! Preview this $5 beauty here.
  • Bike or walk to Flavors and get the mug for FREE!!! Plus we will lavish praise on you, you amazing person.
  • Bike tire-changing demonstrations start at 1 pm. Get hands-on practice with tire irons. Save yourself worry and money by learning to fix your own flat.
  • Kids’ activities include Power of Produce Club activities, a soil tunnel, solar bouncy house, the stream table, art projects, and more!

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