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David Blittersdorf, president and CEO of AllEarth Renewables, plans to shift renewable development resources out of state

Note from Nancy Rae Mallery, publisher of Green Energy Times: “Green Energy Times finds the following news to be very disturbing. This is a huge loss of support to our state, and the future which we have been working so very hard to achieve. This is not the time to be going backwards or standing still. We all have much to lose as a consequence. It clearly lies in the hands of our current administration.”


David Blittersdorf, president and CEO of Vermont’s AllEarth Renewables, Inc. has announced the suspension of project planning activities for the proposed two-turbine, 5MW Kidder Hill Community Wind installation in Lowell, Vt. Citing a turbulent climate for renewable wind energy in Vermont and the urgent need for more renewables to be built, Blittersdorf explained that resources will be reprioritized toward building renewable energy elsewhere.

“Reducing carbon emissions is the most critical issue of our time. In the face of mounting threats from climate change and diminishing finite fossil fuel resources, we cannot afford to be slowed down by a regulatory process that is unfriendly to renewable energy,” said Blittersdorf. “As long as Vermont continues to make the unfortunate decision of relying on our neighbors for energy solutions, we will focus our efforts on developing renewables in places where it is possible to actually get projects built. Ultimately, this decision is about getting more renewables built faster for our planet.”

Lifelong Vermonter David Blittersdorf is a passionate renewable energy advocate, and Kidder Hill Community Wind is part of his vision for combatting our CO2 crisis. Within the past seven years, David has led three separate partnerships in building two 2.2 MW community scale solar farms in South Burlington, as well as Georgia Mountain Community Wind, a 10 MW wind farm that helps the city of Burlington source 100% of its power from renewable generation. Recently, David founded AllEarth Rail LLC, to provide essential community passenger railroad services in Vermont that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with motor vehicles and make living in Vermont more affordable.

“Vermont has led the nation on a host of important progressive issues, including renewable energy production. Sadly, we have recently been heading in the wrong direction on renewables,” Blittersdorf said. “As a Vermonter, I have had to make the hard decision to pivot out of state because I can’t get renewable projects built here right now. By not confronting our own energy challenges we will continue to write IOUs to our children and grandchildren for the effects of our addiction to spewing carbon. The resources driving the Kidder Hill Community Wind project will be invested outside Vermont to bring more renewable projects online as soon as possible. The stakes are too high, and our planet will not wait.”

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