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Affordable Geothermal Heating now available for Western NY Homes with Radiant Systems

GroundUp: The Geothermal Alliance of Western New York is now offering radiant geothermal energy heating and cooling systems for a fixed price of $24,000, or with an additional dedicated geothermal heat pump for domestic hot water for $26,000, after NYSERDA rebates. This offer is for homeowners who have existing radiant systems or plan to build a new house with radiant, whether it is in-floor heating, wall radiators or baseboard radiators.  A 30% federal tax credit is also available to homeowners when they install geothermal systems.

Radiant heat in a home can take many forms and is often referred to as steam heating, hot water heating, radiator heating or radiant floor heating. A GroundUp member can help you determine which is in your home.


With this new offer GroundUp is providing geothermal systems, which were previously perceived to be complex and expensive, to homeowners in WNY at a low cost. The offer includes a special heat pump, if needed, that can deliver 150 degree F water temperature, making it suitable even for baseboard heat.  Also included is an outdoor reset controller, which measures outside temperatures and lowers the operating system temperatures of the heat pump on warmer days, to increase efficiency and lower operating costs. The system further consists of a buffer tank, outside loop field, pumping station, the necessary pumps for the radiant system, and a new domestic hot water tank if the hot water option is selected, as well as direct to load piping, which improves radiant efficiency by an additional 10%. It does not include the radiant system in the house.
Jesse Cook of Geotherm, a GroundUp Alliance Member, explains:  “GroundUp Radiant Geothermal System and Installation cost typically covers qualified well insulated single family homes, up to 4000 sq. ft. in our Western New York climate and includes approval of the NYSERDA rebate.” said Cook.  “We are excited to add radiant geothermal applications to our portfolio of geothermal solutions for every home.”
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has up to $15 million available in rebates for the installation of ground source heat pump systems for residences, businesses and institutions. Rebates are only available to qualified installers.


In addition, the current Geothermal Federal Tax credit of 30% can be used to further reduce the system cost up to $7,800 for the homeowner. “This would reduce the final cost to $18,200 with dedicated hot water, and $16,800 without it.” says Andrew Heiligman of Alternative Carbon Energy Systems, Inc. (A.C.E.S. – Energy), another alliance member.


“This is a fantastic opportunity specifically for people who are paying thousands of dollars a year for oil or propane to heat their homes”,  said Bill Nowak, Executive Director of  New York Geothermal Energy Organization.
GroundUp: Geothermal Alliance of Western New York is an initiative of the New York Geothermal Foundation and the first of its kind in the area to bring the revolutionary design of Geothermal to every homeowner at a discounted, affordable price. Interested homeowners can find more information and contact approved installers to set up installation at

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