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Stop New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure in Vermont

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Six years ago, Vermont became the first state in the nation to ban fracking for fossil fuels. I was proud to help lead the fight for that fracking ban and it’s been great to see other states follow suit in the years since.1

Now we’re taking on the fossil fuel industry again. And this time, the stakes are even higher. The climate crisis has only worsened and now we have a bona fide climate denier in the White House. The states must lead, and that doesn’t just mean promoting clean, renewable energy and efficiency.

It’s time for Vermont to say NO to new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Use our action page to send a message to your Vermont House representative(s) to let them know you support a ban on any new fossil fuel infrastructure in our state.


Tomorrow morning, I’ll be testifying in front of a House committee that’s considering legislation (H.746) sponsored by Rep. Mary Sullivan (D-Burlington) that would prohibit the construction of most new fossil fuel infrastructure in the state.

You can bet that the fossil fuel lobbyists aren’t going to like this legislation one bit. They’ll say it’s unconstitutional, just as they did with the ban on fracking.2 But guess what, Vermont’s ban on fracking still stands!

It’s no secret that the Oil and Gas Lobby wants Vermonters and all Americans to remain addicted to their noxious product. And sadly, by some measures we’re as dependent on fossil fuels as ever.

For instance, Vermont set a statutory goal to cut total carbon emissions 25% from 1990 levels by the year 2012. Not only did we fail to hit the mark, but carbon emission actually went up over that time.3

Vermont also has a goal of generating 90% of our total energy from renewable sources by 2050. According to the state’s Comprehensive Energy Plan: “Meeting this goal will require us to virtually eliminate Vermont’s reliance on fossil fuels, which we can do through enhanced efficiency and greater use of clean, renewable sources for electricity, heating and transportation.”

Great. Let’s get to it.

Please ask your representative(s) to support a ban on new fossil fuel infrastructure today!

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