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Largest New Hampshire School Solar Array Installed at Phillips Exeter Academy

1,552 solar panels at Phillips Exeter Academy, the largest school solar array in N.H. Courtesy image.

1,552 solar panels at Phillips Exeter Academy, the largest school solar array in N.H. Courtesy image.

Phillips Exeter Academy is home to the largest solar array of any school in New Hampshire. The ballasted rooftop array was recently installed by ReVision Energy on the academy’s new, 84,574-square-foot field house in Exeter.

Generating electricity with sunshine will save the academy more than $2 million in energy costs over the life of the system and will offset the majority of the athletic facility’s electric load. The array consists of 1,552 solar panels and is the largest in Unitil’s utility service territory.

“This large-scale array is a tangible example of the academy’s commitment to sustainability, and it accelerates our state’s clean energy transition,” according to ReVision Energy events marketing specialist, Christina Zlotnick. “The array enables the athletic facility to control its energy costs and increase its energy independence by reducing the need to buy power generated with fossil fuels.”

On an annual basis, the 535.44-kilowatt array will generate approximately 598,000 kilowatt hours of solar electricity. The average New Hampshire household uses 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, and the electricity produced by the array is enough to power 60 homes.

The solar power generated by the array will offset 629,694 pounds of carbon pollution each year, which is equal to 700,060 miles driven by an average passenger car or 32,140 gallons of gas.

ReVision Energy collaborated with Harvey Construction Corporation on the field house modernization project. “The new field house at Phillips Exeter Academy is a textbook case for using technology and materials in creative and efficient ways to preserve the history of the campus while updating facilities central to the student experience and energy efficiency,” said Bill Stevens, president of Harvey Construction.

Reprinted with permission from Revision Energy. Revision Energy has locations in Portland & Liberty, ME; Concord & Exeter, NH; and No. Andover, MA

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