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UV Green Real Estate Network Launches in January

Vital Communities has announced that an Upper Valley Green Real Estate Network will launch this January for real estate professionals across our region.

Energy is often the second highest cost of home ownership for Upper Valley residents. The real estate brokers, lawyers, lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, and energy experts engaged with Vital Communities’ Green Real Estate Network are teaming up to help home buyers understand and reduce energy costs in their new homes.

Four Reasons Buyers Care about Energy

  1. The Upper Valley is home to some of the oldest housing stock in the nation.

  2. Energy is often the second highest cost of home ownership (behind mortgage/taxes/insurance).

  3. $7,000 to $12,000 in air sealing and insulation can reduce energy costs by 15% to 30% and improve home comfort. Rebates and special financing programs exist to help residents pay for energy improvements.

  4. Cost-effective energy efficiency improvements are possible in almost any home.

Why Time of Sale?

Energy efficiency upgrades deliver cash savings and home comfort from month one. Waiting to weatherize means leaving cash on the table. Buyers can use the transaction process to gather necessary information for efficiency improvements. For example:

  • Past heating fuel use data needed to qualify for rebate programs.

  • Confidence that cost-effective energy improvements are possible.

  • Ability to secure financing for energy improvements alongside a mortgage.

Learn more about the Upper Valley Green Real Estate Network at

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