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Stand Up for Snow!

Skiers and Riders in Vermont Support Carbon Pricing

By N. R Mallery

Join the many Snowriders throughout the country in voicing your support for carbon pricing in Vermont!

Snowriders International is an organization of skiers, snowboarders and mountain recreation enthusiasts dedicated to the promotion of winter sports and the protection of the environment across the globe.

Send a message to your governor today and let him know of your concerns for fighting climate change.

As skiers, snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts, you can strongly support this critical step towards fighting climate change.

Vermonts natural beauty is one of the states greatest assets, and snow sports are a vital part of the Vermont way-of-life. To preserve these things for future generations, Vermont must continue its legacy of leadership in climate action against the impacts of climate change that our state is already feeling.

  • The average annual temperature in our state has risen 1.3°F since 1960.
  • Our annual freezing period has shorted by four days every decade.
  • By the end of the century, ski resorts like Stratton, Killington and Sugarbush could be facing ‘Tennessee-likewinters.

Carbon pricing is right for Vermont. As part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), Vermont has already taken a significant step in putting a price on carbon emissions by participating in a cap and trade program for power plantscarbon emissions. This program has already significantly reduced carbon emissions in the state, improved air quality in the region and spurred investment in renewable energy and efficiency programs.

But more decisive action is necessary. According to an independent analysis by Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI), extending carbon pricing to include emissions from heating and transportation could cut carbon pollution by an additional one-third!

Do your part and tell the governor in Vermont that you support carbon pricing in Vermont for a healthy environment and snowy winters in Vermont for many generations to come.

You can also sign the letter to Governor Scott at the Snowriders International website directly at: Send a message directly to Governor Scott from his website: or call 802 828-3333.

Think snow and have a great time playing in our snow this winter. The Snowriders International website is: or call them at 1-855-KEEP-SNO (1-855-533-7766).


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