Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

2017 (first) Annual Campaign

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  • Richard F Rhodes

    No more delicious fish, No mas pescado delicioso. Not since our primordial cousins greatest discovery of the controlled use of fire. I wonder if they too extorted it’s use? To the manipulation of minuscule particles of particles creating everlasting deadly radiotopes, nucleosynthisis. Expending tremendous effort. Changing our local bubble. The only one we know. The only one we have. Just to heat water to create steam to simply spin generators. To sell electricity, another greatest discovery. There is a better non toxic way to simply spin generators. To produce electricity for free. Like fire it is meant to be. Without combustion engines, Sun, water, gravity, wind, fossil fuel or fission. I am an Air Force trained aircraft electrician. I know power systems and control. I have designed a machine that can produce electricity from a DC battery or plug it into an AC outlet. Once the machine starts going, after about a minute you close the input and use the output for the input. It powers itself. I don’t have the money to build a prototype. These components are available on todays market, but they are very expensive. I proposed this machine to the DOE and after waiting six months for a reply, they told me they don’t fund prototypes. Little people. Can you direct me to someone who can help me get these machines going? It is another greatest discovery. Rich Rhodes 6037935692

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