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Solar Saves Lives: Help Restore Electricity to Puerto Rico and the USVI

message from SolarSavesLives.orgSolarSavesLives

Weeks after the hurricanes devastated Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, millions of American citizens still lack electricity and other basic services. This natural disaster is far from over — it is clearly a humanitarian crisis.

The solar industry has a unique opportunity to help. Since the storms hit, solar and battery storage companies have been on the ground providing immediate relief while building a more resilient infrastructure for the future. And much more remains to be done.

Today we are announcing Solar Saves Lives, a coordinated effort between leading solar companies and relief organizations to restore electricity to hurricane-affected areas. Learn more about Solar Saves Lives and make a contribution now.

The Solar Foundation is proud to lead this effort in partnership with the Clinton Foundation, Operation Blessing, Direct Relief, and J/P HRO. We are seeking both product donations of solar equipment and monetary contributions that will help buy additional products and ship the equipment directly where it is needed.

We had a great call on Tuesday night to kick off this initiative with President Bill Clinton, solar industry CEOs, and leaders of major relief organizations. We thank all of you who were able to join the call and look forward to moving ahead with this important and vital initiative.

We’re launching Solar Saves Lives with more than $5 million in solar equipment commitments from more than 20 companies and organizations, including Sunrun, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems, the SunSpec Alliance, CAM Solar, Carolina Solar Energy, Solight Design, Renogy, Campervan HQ, and Prana Power, among many others.

This initiative builds on the work of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and allows the entire industry to support the relief effort, through contributions large and small. Solar companies are donating panels, inverters, battery packs, solar lighting, and other products. Members of the general public are making monetary contributions and setting up fundraising events and employee giving campaigns.

Solar Saves Lives will coordinate transportation of solar equipment directly to affected areas, working with partners to coordinate shipping and distribution and ensure proper installation and service. One immediate priority is to restore power in two food markets in the heart of San Juan, Puerto Rico, which provide a critical food source for vulnerable populations. A second priority will be 62 rural medical clinics in Puerto Rico — many of which remain closed due to lack of power after the storms.

Contributions are tax-deductible and are welcome from individuals and corporate entities, large and small. Your monetary contributions will go directly to the relief effort.

We invite you to learn more and make a contribution now by visiting

If you have questions, contact Ian Munn, Operations Coordinator, at, (202)-866-0891, or simply reply to this email. We are grateful for all your support.


Andrea Luecke
President and Executive Director
The Solar Foundation

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