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Solar Power and Water for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Message from Joseph Mangum of Sunnyside Solar of Brattleboro, VT:

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. My wife, Rosemary, is from the island and half of our family is there. With great patience and perseverance, they have struggled over the last two weeks. There is no power where they are at (6% of the island is re-powered) nor is there safe water to drink.

We were delayed in prompting this fund raiser until the logistics of getting supplies delivered were sorted. The infrastructure is in ruins and gasoline incredibly difficult to come by. We have successfully navigated both gas and vehicle problems so this project is ready to go.

We are building solar generators and delivering water pump purifiers for the hardest hit areas.
Solar generators have myriad uses. Medical needs such as refrigeration for insulin and power to phones for communication and information are two of the largest concerns.

This is a personal plea. If I had the funds I would already be there. I may not be Puerto Rican by blood, but a large part of my spirit is there. Rosemarys whole family is there and she has been solidly strong through it all but not being able to help right away has been extremely emotional.

We humbly ask for your support in either donating, spreading this campaign far and wide or even better both.

No matter what you do, thank you for reading this.

Joseph Mangum
(802) 280-7319

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