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Save the Date: November 11 – Vermont Crossroads Conference

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If I told you that VPIRG was teaming up with groups as varied as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, the Vermont NEA, Rights & Democracy, Main Street Alliance, Toxics Action Center, Justice For All and the Vermont Natural Resources Council to a host conference together you might say, “that’s out of the ordinary.”

Well, these are not ordinary times—the challenges we face are greater than ever, and as such, they require an extraordinary response. That’s why VPIRG is joining together with these groups and others to host a day-long conference on Saturday, November 11 at Champlain College in Burlington and I hope you can join us.

Reserve your spot at the VT Crossroads Conference right now. It’s a free event, you simply need to register online:

We’re calling this the VT Crossroads Conference because our state is at a critical decision point. With an administration and Congress in Washington D.C. engaging in an all-out offensive on the health and well-being of our people, communities and environment, Vermont has a choice: We can allow these attacks to go unanswered or we can fight back and pursue bold solutions in our state that work for Vermonters and show the rest of the country that a different way is possible.

We’re holding this conference to make sure Vermont takes that second path. But this is a monumental task and none of us can hope to accomplish it alone. So please, join us on Saturday, November 11.

You’ll have a chance to engage with the leaders of some of the top values-based campaigns moving forward in Vermont right now, from climate solutions to family leave, and racial justice reform to clean water. Learn what actions you can take to make these campaigns successful, and bring your ideas for new collaboration to make us all stronger.

Register now!

It’s long past time our organizations and supporters came together to recognize our common cause, share strategies to advance our goals, and combine our energy to mobilize a grassroots movement powerful enough to take on the entrenched interests preventing us from building the Vermont that we all want:

A Vermont where our people are healthy. A Vermont where our environment is protected. A Vermont where our communities are safe. A Vermont where our children are nurtured and supported. A Vermont where everyone, regardless of their race, creed, gender, ethnicity or background is treated with dignity and respect.

This kind of Vermont is possible — but only if we get organized and only if we demand it.

The Vermont Crossroads Conference is an enormous first step to doing just that–so I hope you can make it.

Register today!


Paul Burns
Executive Director, VPIRG

P.S. Registration for this conference is free, but space is limited so please save the date and reserve your spot today!

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