Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

A Message to Share: Climate Change: What Can I Do?

We feel for our fellow US citizens in southern states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as well as people living on other islands being hit by storms and the loss of coast to rising seas. This will get worse, likely much worse. Much of Florida and other vulnerable low lying coastal regions in Louisiana along with other coastal states will be lost to rising waters. NYS will be hit as well with rising Hudson River, with losses to Long Island and other shorelines.

Climate refugees are increasing from Africa, Middle East, Asia and island nations. Where do they go? Aren’t they already heading to mainland US?

If you lived in P.R. or the V.I. would you rebuild there? Wouldn’t you take your insurance settlement and seek higher ground in the US to build on?

With long range forecasting predicting more super hurricanes with higher storm surges and greater rainfalls, rising seas and higher tides, my supposition is that millions from the Caribbean and Central America will relocate to the US mainland.

NYS and NJ are already home to large P.R., Caribbean, and C.A. communities. Many will come here. Others will scatter from FL on up the east coast. US mainland population will rise along with demand for housing, services and protection.

Can we do anything to help? To remediate the slowly rising temperatures and this slowly escalating crisis?

No matter the cause, global temperature rise is happening. Can we slow that down or turn it around? Shouldn’t we try? I am. It hurts nothing to try to be part of the solution.

Written by,
Ken Stokem
Castleton, NY 12033

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