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Plant a Great Lawn and Save the Planet!

Believe it or not, you can do it at low cost and with little work.

Platinum level LEED home in Newton, MA with Pearl’s Premium grass. Courtesy photo.

Platinum level LEED home in Newton, MA with Pearl’s Premium grass. Courtesy photo.

By George Harvey

You can have a great looking lawn that needs very little water, needs no chemicals, and can be mowed just once a month. But while that may sound like a minor miracle to some people, it is just a beginning of an even more interesting story.

Pearl’s Premium has released a new blend of Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed, which it says is an entirely natural, non-GMO, grass. In fact, the grass carries the trade mark, “People, Pet & Planet Friendly.”

Jackson Madnick who founded Pearl’s Premium and has worked on perfecting blends of grass seed for years, is clearly an expert on lawns. His grass seed is a success story of its own, as it has been planted on 400,000 lawns in all fifty states.

The new generation of Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed is impressively easy to grow. You should plant it in the fall for best growth, so right now is the time to think about it.

The first attractive feature of the seed is how you plant it. According to Madnick, “You don’t have to tear up your lawn. You just plant Pearl’s Premium grass right over the existing lawn to out-compete it.” Grass that will out-compete the weeds seems like an idea that someone should have thought of long ago.

The new grass grows slowly. This is a huge advantage when it is fully established, because mowing need only be done once a month. Fertilizing likewise becomes unnecessary, except for about a quarter inch of organic compost spread out once per year.

One really great thing is that the grass roots go really deep, 12 to 48 inches. This has a whole set of implications, all of which are beneficial. The grass gets water from much deeper down, and this reduces watering. Reduced water and fertilizing are an important reason the new Pearl’s Premium blend can out-compete other types of grass and weeds. The unwanted plants that grow faster need both more water and more fertilizer. And this, in turn, means that chemical weed controls are unnecessary for a great lawn.

Once the lawn is established, the grass does not spread easily. Other grasses can be a problem for those of us who plant gardens, but that is a problem that the new Pearl’s Premium seed solves. That point alone would make it sufficiently attractive for many of us.

Since the lawn needs no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, it is much safer for pets and children. But that is not the end of its environmental benefits. The long roots of the grasses sequester carbon, benefiting all life on Earth. That may seem a bit of a stretch, if you think about it being just one lawn. But it is not just one lawn; it is hundreds of thousands of them, each doing its part.

And so, you see, the miracle may not be so minor after all.

You can visit the Pearl’s Premium web site at If you place an internet order, use the code GreenEnergyTimes to get a 15% discount for the next three weeks only.

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