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New Hampshire Small Business Energy Audit Fund Grants

By Green Energy Times Staff

The New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) has announced creation of the Small Business Energy Audit Fund. Most agricultural producers and small businesses in New Hampshire will be eligible for a 75% reduction in the cost of energy audits.

A participant will get a comprehensive energy audit of an existing building. The audit will identify projects that can reduce operating costs or increase productivity, while adding to comfort and safety of those in the building. It will include an estimate of implementation costs, potential energy savings, and expected financial savings, along with return on investment information.

The funds for the energy audits come from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). They are only available to agricultural producers and businesses in communities in rural areas. Rural areas, however, are those that are not in communities with populations over 50,000 or urbanized areas adjacent to such communities. This means that the great majority of areas in New Hampshire are considered rural, for the purposes of the program.

According to the CDFA, a typical audit of the type conducted under the program would cost about $1,000 to $2,000. The typical energy savings for those who have audits done and implement its suggestions is 15% to 50% of costs.

The audits are offered on a non-competitive basis. Applications have to be filled out to make sure those who apply to participate are qualified. The applications usually take only 30 to 45 minutes to fill out, but do require documentation of energy use over a period of one to two years.

It is suggested that those interested talk to both CDFA and an energy auditor to determine the suitability of an audit before going ahead with one. For more information, contact Joe Harrison, Director of Clean Energy Finance at CDFA by phone at (603)717-9123, or by email at

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