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Congratulations to the Top Solar Installers in the Northeast

ReVision Energy collaborated on the Fore St. Garage solar array. Courtesy photos: John Capron

ReVision Energy collaborated on the Fore St. Garage solar array. Courtesy photos: John Capron

By Green Energy Times Staff

UVM Redstone Lofts. Photo courtesy of Peck Electric

UVM Redstone Lofts. Photo courtesy of Peck Electric

Solar Power World (SPW) recently posted a list of the 500 top U.S. solar contractors, ranked according to their influence on the solar industry. ( We at Green Energy Times (GET) were delighted to find a number of our friends on that list. These companies in the Northeast stand out among the best in the country. They are in an area that had long been regarded as marginal for developing solar systems, but things have changed. In fact, several of the top solar states in the country are in the Northeast, so it really should be no surprise that local installers are considered to be among the best.

We will not hide the fact that we promote our own advertisers. Aside from the support they give us, there are a number of reasons to do this. We get information from them, interviewing them for articles with subjects ranging from their own businesses to solar power, renewable energy in general, and even agriculture and architecture. We know them, and in many cases we know their customers. In some cases, GET staff members actually are among their customers. We feel a large measure of confidence in them that we could not feel in those we do not know.

Our congratulations to all who listed among the top 500 installers in the country.

ReVision Energy worker at the Fore St. Garage. Courtesy photos: John Capron

ReVision Energy worker at the Fore St. Garage. Courtesy photos: John Capron

Peck Solar, which has its home in South Burlington, Vermont, placed highest among the 500 top installers that are in our distribution area. Peck Solar was listed as number 66 in the country. GET’s editor, Nancy Rae Mallery, commented on this, “It is hardly a surprise that Peck Solar would be among the top installers in the United States. It has a great history, and it keeps getting better.” According to the SPW article, Peck Solar has installed over 82 megawatts of solar capacity so far. Peck Solar, which is a division of Peck Electric, can be visited online at The number is 802-658-3378.

ReVision Energy, one of the leading installers in New England, is number 131 of the 500 top installers. ReVision has offices in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. ReVision has been prominent in many GET articles, most recently in “ReVision Energy is Solarizing the Mt. Washington Valley,” in February of this year. Also of note is “Revision Energy Certified as a Business ‘Force for Good’,” which appeared in July of 2015. There is also an article on the Fore St. Garage solar array on page 9 of this issue. We suggest calling the general number, 866-700-6065, to find the nearest ReVision Energy office, or visit ReVision Energy’s website, at

500kW Williston, VT solar array installed in 2017 by Aegis Renewable Energy. Photo: Aegis Renewable Energy.

500kW Williston, VT solar array installed in 2017 by Aegis Renewable Energy. Photo: Aegis Renewable Energy.

Aegis Renewable, which is located not far from Montpelier, Vermont, made it to number 141 on the list of the 500 top installers in the country. Aegis has also been the subject of multiple articles in GET. The first of these, “Aegis Wind Spins off from Alteris Renewables, Brings New Opportunities to Vermont,” appeared in March of 2012, as the company was created. One article, “Aegis Energy Helps Goats to Go Solar,” covered the boost solar energy can give to animal husbandry in GET’s February, 2015 issue. Aegis Renewable Energy installs commercial, municipal, and community solar power systems. Aegis’ services cover every aspect of bringing a project from concept to long-term operation including site analysis, permitting, financing, engineering, equipment procurement, construction, commissioning, and long term operation and maintenance. Aegis Renewable can be reached at 802-560-0055 or

Granite State Solar, in Boscawen, New Hampshire, is another installer that appears on the SPW list, being listed as number 194. Granite State Solar was the subject of our March, 2017 article, “Granite State Solar expands, breaking ground on new property in Bow, NH.” Granite State Solar’s number is 603-369-4318, and its website is

We might say that there is something rather unsatisfying about a list of 500 businesses from all states in the country, because the territory for the list is so broad geographically that potential customers may find it hard to get information. It may be time for Green Energy Times to prepare its own list of local installers we know and trust. So far, we have compiled a list of 24 installers in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. We have told you about many of them in the past. In the future, they, and probably others, will no doubt grace our pages again.

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