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Ok, so it’s the middle of July. Skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are probably the furthest things from a lot of people’s minds. But for those who cherish Vermont’s snowy winters and everything they bring with them, global warming and the failure of our national leaders to grapple with this crisis is alarming no matter what time of year it is.

In the past few months, Energy Independent Vermont has been thrilled to welcome several winter sports organizations into our campaign to put a price on carbon pollution in Vermont. One of these organizations, Snowriders International, is compiling a petition of Vermont winter enthusiasts who support carbon pollution pricing to deliver to Governor Phil Scott.

Can you add your name to the Snowriders International petition to Gov. Scott asking him to support a price on carbon pollution in Vermont?


Maintaining Vermont’s winters is critical to maintaining our way of life. And this goes beyond those who simply enjoy skiing and snowboarding. So many Vermonters rely on snowy winters for their livelihood: restaurant workers, hotel employees, local small businesses–the list goes on and on.

And while Vermont’s action alone cannot save the winters we know and love, we cannot afford to sit by and do nothing: Not while the president and Congress refuse to act on climate and not while we have a tool that we know will reduce Vermont’s carbon emissions, cut taxes, help Vermonters transition to clean energy and strengthen our local economy.

Despite his recent commitments to make Vermont a climate action leader, Gov. Scott has consistently rebuffed and mischaracterized any pollution pricing proposals offered to him. It’s essential that we continue to remind him this is an idea that has the broad support of Vermonters. He must hear this, and he must hear it from all corners.

So please take just a few seconds to add your name to the Snowriders International petition to Gov. Scott asking him to support pollution pricing.

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