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Help to Promote a Federal Geothermal Tax Credit

There is an opening to restore the federal 30% geothermal tax credit and it is important that to contact our senators and congressional delegation for their support.  This credit is key to our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing the burning of fossil fuels to heat our buildings.
On the Senate side, Tom Carper (D-DE) and Dean Heller (R-NV) have introduced S1409 (which tracks the House tax credit bill HR 1090).  Senator Schumer of NY is the Senate Minority leader and has been pushing hard for the geo tax credits to be part of an energy bill that is being negotiated and may be voted on soon.
It is crucial that Senator Schumer knows just how important this bill is to his constituents, and that he’s not acting in a vacuum.  Please ask Senator Schumer to become a sponsor of S1409 and to be sure the federal tax credit for geothermal gets restored.    General comments to his office can be made to (202) 224-6542.  They’ll just listen and mark down your input.  If you’d like to reach one of his policy staff, try Rob Gardner at 202-224-0526 or
More information from the national GeoExchange Organization can be found at

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