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Solarize Albany and Capital Region Launches Third Campaign

Amy Pokorny and Kevin Johnson educate attendees on the Solarize Albany program at the Punkintown Fair. Photo courtesy Russ Pokorny

Amy Pokorny and Kevin Johnson educate attendees on the Solarize Albany program at the Punkintown Fair. Photo courtesy Russ Pokorny

Solarize Albany and Capital Region is pleased to announce the launch of its third campaign! After successful campaigns in 2015 and 2016, the volunteers of Solarize Albany are again working to facilitate the installation of solar power in the eight counties of the Capital Region. Three solar installers will be doing the work for the third campaign. In addition, the benefits of community net-metering are being brought to the Capital Region. Many households and small commercial businesses—tenants or those with unsuitable roofs—cannot install solar. Community net-metering, where one can buy a share in (or buy the electricity from) a solar farm is a great solution. New this year, Solarize Albany and Capital Region is educating the public about electric vehicles and charging stations and energy efficiency.

Solarize Albany is a volunteer group of concerned citizens. It is a non-profit which facilitates the relationship between installers and customers. The first solarize campaigns debuted in 2009 in Portland, OR. This first project was a collaborative effort between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the City of Portland. It was such a success that Solarize campaigns began to spread across the U.S. Today in New York, there are about 27 community Solarize campaigns sponsored by NYSERDA.

Why is the Solarize model popular? Because it addresses three potential hurdles to solar:

  • Cost – prices are lowered by organizing bulk purchasing with dozens of community members buying from the affiliated installers.
  • Technical complexity – only quality equipment is recommended.
  • Expedited decision times – information is provided to make a decision within the four month enrollment window.

Solarize campaigns also encourage neighbors to get to know one another. As individual homeowners and businesses install solar power, neighbors are inspired by their example.

More information can be found at or contacting, (518) 328-4SUN

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