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By George Harvey

Donald Trump would abdicate America’s climate leadership.

But states, towns, cities, schools, businesses, and ordinary people are stepping up to make America great again.

And that just may be the year’s biggest story.

By withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, Donald Trump left America’s seat at the table empty. But the states of California, Washington, and New York formed the U.S. Climate Alliance to take up leadership, representing America. They have been formally joined by nine other states in the alliance, including the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Ten other states that have not yet formally joined announced they would meet the climate targets, as did the District of Columbia. Hawaii went even further, making its target legally binding.

A second organization working on meeting the Paris Agreement climate targets is the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda. Cities and towns have joined this group so fast that it is hard to know how high the number has gone. The last official count we could find was 323. These communities represent over 64 million Americans.

Yet another group that has taken up the cause is We Are Still In. On June 5, this group announced that it had 1,219 members, including states, mayors, businesses, investors, and institutions of higher education. A press release said the organization represents 120 million Americans, and $6.2 trillion in investments.

The European Union, China, and India have all indicated willingness to take up America’s leadership position. But they also said the place at the table abdicated by Donald Trump could be filled by other representatives of the country.

This issue of Green Energy Times has several relevant stories. Please see Carl Pope’s article, “Withdrawal from the Climate Accord,” on page 3; a staff article, “Governor Cuomo Announces a Major Climate and Jobs Initiative“, on page 10; Chris Gillespie’s “More States Aim to Go 100% Renewable,” on page 15; John Gage’s “Climate Activity that Makes a Difference,” on page 18; an article by Dr. Alan K Betts, “Clarity and Courage Are Needed Now,” on page 25; and Kirsti Blow’s “Trump, Ticks, and Wind,” also on page 25.

And hold your head high.

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