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New Hampshire Permaculture Day

By Marty Castriotta

Permaculture, at its core, is about the potential and techniques needed for humans to design their own environments with nature in mind. Using nature’s own principles, permaculture offers the possibility to create food (and other production) systems that become virtually self-maintaining over time. But don’t be fooled; these systems are not new. In fact, they are the very systems that maintained human life on this planet for millennia. The challenge (and great potential) now is to integrate indigenous methods and wisdom with newer techniques, technology and understanding to address issues concerning the modern world.

Permaculture is also about decolonizing our food production system now. Shifting the emphasis of land use from one of consumption to one of production puts the ownership of food, and in fact nutrition and health, back in the hands of everyone who can dig in the soil. This, and a regenerative approach to production, grows a fertile environment for a healthy and abundant future.

Seasoned practitioners and permaculture newcomers can learn more at the 2017 NH Permaculture Day which takes place at the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner, NH on Saturday, August 26th. Participants will learn about regeneration: of land, economy, community and culture. Workshop topics will include food production, edible landscape design, climate change, renewable energy, natural building, homesteading and beyond. Demonstrations, talks, and walks will also be part of this day. The theme of this year’s event is “Connecting the Circle,” specifically with the First Nation cultures who championed techniques of sustained, productive and climate resilient food production.

The NH Permaculture Day is an initiative of the NH Permaculture Guild. The first event took place in 2012. Early intentions of this event centered on sharing permaculture strategies and possibilities, networking with regional practitioners and sharing knowledge and practices.

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Marty Castriotta is a farmer and educator. He and his wife, Ellen run Village Roots Permaculture and CSA on the Orchard Hill Community in Alstead, NH, host of the 2016 NH Permaculture Day.

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