Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere


The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming

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Review by Nancy Rae Mallery, Publisher, Green Energy Times

Most of us realize that we are facing the greatest challenge humanity has ever had to deal with. It is climate change.

It is a scientifically proven fact that the world is warming and at an alarming rate. Doing nothing is not an option — at least if you have anyone that you love and want to be able to survive what the future holds. As with Dr. James Hansen, world-renowned climate scientist, I have my own grandchildren to be concerned about. I am not willing to watch them take the consequences of our current lack of action.

drawdown cover smallTogether, we need to draw down the carbon in our atmosphere and somehow get the whole earth’s emissions down below 350 ppm. It is not going to be easy — and we all need to take it as serious as this situation is.

We need to do more. What does doing more mean? Where do we start? Or where do we go from where we are at right now, if you are already doing all you think you can?

The solutions are here in this book, Drawdown. This book really has the answers as to how we are going to make it. To do this book justice would take the entire issue of Green Energy Times. It is the most comprehensive plan I have found in one place — a plan that shows how we can win the war on climate change. We at Green Energy Times agree with almost everything in the book with the exception of nuclear power. You could read all of our articles since May, 2009 at our website, but this book covers everything in a nutshell. Green Energy Times will continue to cover these subjects in depth, so keep reading it.

This is why I can say the book is truly comprehensive —simply from this list of topics in each section that the book covers:

Energy section: Wind Turbines, Microgrids, Geothermal, Solar Farms, Rooftop Solar, Wave And Tidal, Concentrated Solar, Biomass, Nuclear, Cogeneration, Micro Wind, Methane Digesters, In-Stream Hydro, Waste-To-Energy, Grid Flexibility, Energy Storage (Utilities), Energy Storage (Distributed), Solar Water.

‘Smoke and sunlight in forest’ is the picture shown on p. vi in Drawdown. Photo coutesy of Penguin Books.

‘Smoke and sunlight in forest’ is the picture shown on p. vi in Drawdown. Photo coutesy of Penguin Books.

Food section: Plant-Rich Diet, Farmland Restoration, Reduced Food Waste, Clean Cookstoves, Multistrata Agroforestry, Improved Rice Cultivation, Silvopasture, Regenerative Agriculture, Nutrient Management, Tree Intercropping, Conservation Agriculture, Composting, Biochar, Tropical Staple Trees, Farmland Irrigation, Managed Grazing.

Women and Girls: Women Smallholders, Family Planning, Educating Girls, Buildings And Cities, Net Zero Buildings, Walkable Cities, Bike Infrastructure, Green Roofs, LED Lighting, Heat Pumps, Smart Glass, Smart Thermostats, District Heating, Landfill Methane, Insulation, Retrofitting, Water Distribution, Building Automation.

Land Use: Forest Protection, Coastal Wetlands, Tropical Forests, Bamboo, Perennial Biomass, Indigenous Peoples’ Land Management, Temperate Forests, Afforestation.

Transport: Mass Transit, High-Speed Rail, Ships, Electric Vehicles, Ridesharing, Electric Bikes, Cars, Airplanes, Trucks, Telepresence, Trains.

Materials: Household Recycling, Industrial Recycling, Alternative Cement, Refrigerant Management, Recycled Paper, Bioplastic, Water Saving – Home.

Coming Attractions: Repopulating the Mammoth Steppe, Pasture Cropping, Enhanced Weathering Minerals, Marine Permaculture, Intensive Silvopasture, Artificial Leaf, Autonomous Vehicles, Solid-State Wave Energy, Living Buildings, Direct Air Capture, Hydrogen-Boron Fusion, Smart Highways, Hyperloop, Microbial Farming, Industrial Hemp, Perennial Crops, Ocean Farming, Smart Grids, Building With Wood.

I will leave it at that and let the experts show you. With the cost of just $22, for this very thorough guide, it certainly is worth every penny. This is a book that everyone should own, as well as libraries and schools, and that every book store should be displaying in the front of the store. G.E.T. it!

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