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Adding an Electric Assist to Your Bike!

By George Harvey

Have an old bike you are not using for one reason or another? Maybe you should add an electric assist!

When I gave up my last car, a 2001 Prius, my world shrank to only those places within walking distance. I was able to expand the range again by buying a used Gary Fisher mountain bike. While I had been able to walk a few miles at most, now I could take much longer trips.

Even with a bike, however, my range was still limited by any steep hills I might encounter. A real breakthrough came when I added a Dillenger electric assist to my bike. With that, I could go places that were previously out of the question.

The proof of this came shortly after my seventieth birthday. To renew by driver’s license, I had to visit the closest DMV branch, a twelve mile round trip. The clerks at the DMV must have chuckled when I walked in, and they saw the contrast between my black bike helmet and my white beard.

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