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Take Action: Words into action

Energy Indep VTRepublican Governor Phil Scott recently co-signed a letter with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker urging President Trump to remain committed to the Paris Climate Agreement.

This is a laudable step–but Vermont needs Gov. Scott to honor the words in that letter by supporting policies right here in Vermont that address climate change and strengthen our clean energy economy.

This letter, while helpful, will not protect Vermont’s climate or create more clean energy jobs in Vermont.

Join us by adding your name to our petition thanking Gov. Scott for acknowledging the threat of climate change and urging him to support real climate solutions here in Vermont.


In their letter, Govs. Scott and Baker accurately identify some important truths about the climate crisis.

They write that addressing climate change “creates jobs, makes our states more competitive, and makes us leaders in the clean energy economy” and that climate change impacts “threaten the people of our states and put an intense burden on our economies.”

This is absolutely right! But so far in his tenure, Gov. Scott has not acted on these words. He is missing opportunities to create jobs, make Vermont more competitive, and make our state a leader in the clean energy economy.

More specifically, he has rejected commonsense proposals to put a price on carbon pollution and use the revenues to cut or eliminate taxes on things like income, sales and property–a plan that has the support of economists and tough leaders across the political spectrum.

Join us in asking Gov. Scott to come to the table and propose a clean energy agenda for Vermont!

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