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SolarFest 2017 Summer Festival Postponed

note from SolarFest:


It is with deep regret that we must inform you of our decision to postpone SolarFest’s annual festival until July 2018. In short, SolarFest faces considerable financial constraints. Last year we were able to reduce expenses but had to rely heavily on underwriting from just a few members of the SolarFest community to fund our summer festival. Unfortunately, we were unable to negotiate an affordable site for 2017.

Our Mission Continues with Ongoing Events

Although we are skipping this summer’s festival, SolarFest will continue to offer dynamic events throughout the calendar year as we rebuild and reorganize to continue our valuable educational outreach on renewable energy, sustainability, and climate change. But we need your help to make this happen!

We plan to use this year to gather important feedback from the community, strengthen the organization, develop relationships with existing and new partners, and expand our base of expert practitioners who inform us all about the best practices and innovations. Please let us hear your opinions and ideas!

Now More Than Ever — We Need Your Help

SolarFest has pending debts that need repayment. Without immediate support the future of SolarFest as we know it will not be possible. Please offer any financial support you can as we continue to plan to our future mission of offering renewable energy education through the arts.

We need your help! Please give some of your time, skills, and money to make SolarFest better as we continue working toward a more livable world:

Sincerest thanks for your past, and ongoing, support,
The SolarFest Board of Trustees

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