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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

‘Climate of Hope’ on Daily Show

Reposted from Carol Pope’s Blog

Climate of Hope

Dear friend:

If, like me, 11PM programs are not your daily bread, you may have missed my conversation along with Mike Bloomberg on the Daily Show last night, discussing our book, Climate of Hope. This will be — I’m pretty sure — my highest ratings ever, so I’m sharing a link so if you’re curious if Mike ended up owing Trevor a $billion dollars — or not — you can check it out.–2017—michael-bloomberg–carl-pope–-sanaa-lathan-season-22-ep-2210

More seriously, on the day when President Trump may have tilted towards abandoning the best, most terrific international agreement the US ever negotiated — the bottom up Paris Climate Accord — it was an honor to be able to explain why, whatever Trump says, the US is going to keep its honor and its commitment — and get richer and healthier doing so.

Who knew Climate Change could be funny?

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