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Speak Out on the EPA!

Visit our new engagement map to find an event near you
and speak out against Trump’s plan to gut the EPA.
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Donald Trump recently outlined his budget plan for the federal government, and it confirms what we already know — Trump only cares about himself and his corporate allies.

Trump’s budget would gut the EPA, axing programs that protect the health of the American people and letting corporate polluters off the hook. His plan to slash the agency’s budget by 31 percent would create mass layoffs and effectively halt enforcement of many of our laws that safeguard our air and water. These cuts would result in crippling economic costs to businesses, tens of thousands of premature deaths, and hundreds of thousands more asthma attacks every year.

But it’s up to Congress to pass Trump’s budget plan.

Use our new engagement map to find an event in your community and let your members of Congress know that you reject any proposal that would cut critical protections for our health and environment.

04-14 speak out

Trump’s plan would slash funds to clean up waterways that local communities rely on like the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, Puget Sound, and San Francisco Bay. Essential programs that ensure safe drinking water and clean up hazardous waste are also on the chopping block. Meanwhile, Trump is also requesting millions of dollars for ten additional security guards for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s security detail. That’s unacceptable.

Check out our new engagement map to find out how you can speak up in person at an event near you. Then make your voice heard at a town hall or rally and speak out against Trump’s dangerous attacks on our EPA.

Then, encourage your friends to speak up with you by sharing the map on social media.

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