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Halfmoon Construction Wins International Award:

Best in Show for Large Residential Project

Andy Ellis receives ICF Builder Award for Best in Show in the Large Residential division at the World of Concrete Trade Show in Las Vegas on January 19, 2017. Photo courtesy Peter Ellis.

Andy Ellis receives ICF Builder Award for Best in Show in the Large Residential division at the World of Concrete Trade Show in Las Vegas on January 19, 2017. Photo courtesy Peter Ellis.

By George Harvey

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) have been around for about 75 years, and originally had appeal as an inexpensive material for making building repairs. With the advent of new polymers, however, there was increased interest in ICFs as a building material, and they became more commonly used. With a growing focus on building efficiency in the past few years, ICFs may have come into their own.

The advantage ICFs have is a combination of excellent thermal qualities and a potential for nearly perfect air sealing. These qualities make them especially well-suited to highly efficient home construction.

Unsurprisingly, companies focusing on ICFs have formed a professional association, the ICF Builders Group. Their annual trade show attracts hundreds of participants, who include builders, architects, and manufacturers. One thing they do each year, is to give awards for the best buildings by class.

At the World of Concrete Trade Show in Las Vegas on January 19, 2017, the ICF Builders Group’s award for Best in Show in the Large Residential division was given for the Shelving Rock Home in Glenville, New York. The winning home was built by Halfmoon Construction Company (HCC), of Clifton Park, New York, whose name many readers of Green Energy Times might recognize.

The award was given to the Shelving Rock Home partly because of the fact that it showcases the advantages of building with ICFs. These include the home’s remarkable energy efficiency, durability, and noise-free interior space. The home’s fast construction time and low insurance rates of ICFs were also mentioned.

Shelving Rock Home complete. All photos courtesy of Halfmoon Construction.

Shelving Rock Home complete. All photos courtesy of Halfmoon Construction.

Quality and demonstration of innovation were important considerations as the award panel considered applicants. Clark Ricks, executive director of ICF Builder Group and organizer of the competition, pointed out, “The variety and scale of projects being built with ICF’s is truly astounding. It’s time these outstanding projects received recognition, and we feel privileged to take a leading role in that. These projects truly represent the best of the best.”

HCC was founded in 1999 by Andy Ellis. It focuses on custom design and construction of home projects that work within sustainable buildings and energy standards. Ellis prides himself on attention to the customers’ needs and HCCs innovative problem solving techniques, which have not only been the basis of both solutions, but also of lifelong relationships.

Ellis readily shares the praise he has earned with those who work with him. He said, “I’m very proud to be part of the ICF building community and of the homes we build with Logix-ICF. With the hard work of my team and vendors, we are building a home that will last for many generations to come. To us, there is nothing better than sharing our mission; building ICF homes, educating the community about the benefits of using ICF, and showing off the end result, a great looking home. Building with ICF’s has many rewards for the builder and clients alike, such as long term energy savings, quiet homes, disaster resilience and sustainability.”

Doug Ford, VP Sales and Purchasing at Curtis Lumber, one of Ellis suppliers, said, “I have had the pleasure of knowing Andy Ellis since he began his construction business in 1999. In my role with a major Building Material supplier, I get to work with many builders. Andy Ellis stands out as a quality builder, who cares about producing a quality product and at the same time creating a great experience for his customers. Andy is committed to staying current with all of the industry’s rapid changing technology and code requirements. Andy has differentiated himself as the local “go-to” guy for energy efficient, high performing, sustainable homes. The award winning Shelving Rock Home in Glenville, NY is an excellent example of the craftsmanship and technology you can expect from Halfmoon Construction Company.”

Win Peck Jr., Regional Sales Manager for Logix-ICF, added, “When Halfmoon Construction’s Shelving Rock project was submitted for the large residential category for the ICF Awards, I knew it would do well. Mr. Ellis’ attention to detail and determination got first place; amazing for a first time entry in any category. Large residential is the premiere category and best in show is certainly a testament to excellence. Anyone building a green, net-zero, generational, residential or commercial project can rest assured that Halfmoon Construction will perform at the highest level.”

Green Energy Times offers our best wishes and congratulations to Andy Ellis                                                                                                                             and all whose efforts were involved in the building of the Shelving Rock Home.

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