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GMP Inspire Space Contest Winner Greenbanc Partners with Alchemist to Offer Its Employees Free Home Energy Score

Greenbanc, a certified B Corporation and the winner of Green Mountain Power’s InspireSpace contest, has partnered with The Alchemist to offer all employees a free Home Energy Score. The score is a new approach to measuring home energy performance, developed by the Department of Energy, that is fast, affordable, simple, creditable and flexible. It is an asset-based rating intended to be similar to a vehicle’s miles-per-gallon rating for a home.

“I am so pleased to partner with the Alchemist to expand the number of Vermonters who are getting their Home Energy Score,” said North Lennox, founder of Greenbanc. “It’s an easy way for homeowners to identify cost-effective energy improvements that will help them save money, be more comfortable and have a more valuable home.”

“We are thrilled to offer Home Energy Scores to our employees at no cost,” said Jen Kimmich, founder and owner of the Alchemist. “We are always looking for ways to support our employees, community and the environment. Making our homes more efficient is a win-win-win, as it will help employees save on energy costs, reduce fossil fuel use and create a more sustainable future.”

The assessment takes about an hour and the Score report provides:

  • The Score itself, a 1-10 ranking that compares individual home performance to homes nationwide based on the home’s envelope (foundation, roof, walls, insulation, windows) and heating, cooling, and hot water systems
  • Recommendations for cost-effective improvements and estimated annual cost savings – most homes in Vermont can save $500 to $1500 a year on energy bills
  • A “Score with Improvements” reflecting the home’s expected score if cost-effective improvements are implemented

The analysis uses building science to identify the most financially attractive home energy investments and empower a homeowner in a conversation with contractors.

To learn more, or sign up for a Score, please visit

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