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Energy Independent Vermont: Strategy Discussion TOMORROW

Wow, what a week it’s been!

On Monday, legislators introduced four plans to reform our tax structure and put a price on pollution! On Tuesday, they came together for a round table discussion of their proposals, and took questions from the press.  And then, yesterday, over 1,500 youth gathered on the statehouse lawn to demand bold climate action from our legislators and governor. Putting a price on carbon pollution was highlighted as one of their top three priorities!

These events have thrust climate change back to the forefront of Vermont’s political landscape. EIV

After what just happened — and with the Science March and the People’s Climate March coming up later this month — we think now is the perfect time for a check-in.

Will you join us for a strategy discussion tomorrow at 12 noon?

Our webinar was originally scheduled for last night, but due to scheduling conflicts here at EIV we’ve pushed it back until tomorrow — we hope many more supporters can now join.

RSVP for tomorrow’s EIV webinar here.

We’re excited to get together with you all and update you on what we’ve been working on, and then discuss where we are headed next. Let’s take full advantage of this newfound momentum and energy that this week has created!

Join tomorrow’s 12:00pm webinar discussion. All you need is a computer or phone and an internet connection!

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