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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere


By now most of us know that rising temperatures are not the only consequence of climate change. Unusual weather patterns are now afflicting the Capital District and the world. These weather changes are in the early stages of disturbing life, commerce, farming, transportation, insurance and our ecology.
 It no longer matters if you believe this change is man-made or not. It is here! It will become worse!
It’s now a matter of trying to forecast its effects, planning for it, then trying to mitigate costs to our lives and to commercial and government infrastructure and functions, and trying to live with it.
Who does forecasting and planning for NYS?
Did you know that there is a NYS Office of Climate Change doing this work? I didn’t, until I saw Mark Lowery of that Office speak last fall. 
After seeing Mark present, I felt Rensselaer County should hear what Mark has to share. So, I arranged for a free presentation at 6:30 pm, Wednesday, April 5th at First United Methodist Church, 1 Gilligan Road, East Greenbush, NY (corner of Hays Road, next to Goff Middle School). Just a short hop off of Rte. 9 & 20, by Hannaford Market.
Who should attend? Anyone expecting to live another few years, especially property owners, all public officials from planners to assessors to highway superintendents, first responders, anyone living near a river, its tributaries or living in low lying areas, farmers, gardeners, and just about everyone who insures anything.
 Consider what hot, cold, wind, rain, snow, flood, inundation by rising water tables, loss of food stocks and potable water, loss of power, communications, vulnerable roads and infrastructure can do to you, your lifestyle and your finances.
I hope you can attend this meeting and learn more for yourself about the problems and the solutions to climate change.
Written by,
Ken Stokem

2 comments to April 5 event: IS THE WEATHER GETTING WEIRDER

  • Are you going to video tape this and send folks a link ??

    I cannot make the event, plus I am over 3 hours away….

    Please let me know

  • Peter,
    Go to : for the link to the Power Point presentation entitled “Hell and High Water: Preparing New York’s communities for climate change”. Click on the highlighted words”Power Point” in the second to last paragraph of this article.

    It has been created by Mark Lowery of DEC’s Office of Climate Change. I hope that it proves beneficial for you.

    Best regards,

    Robert Connors, member
    Columbia County Environmental Committee
    1409 County Route Five
    Canaan, NY 12029

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