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Young People are Stepping Up

Young people are stepping up on the big issues facing our state and our world. This is nothing new — students have always been at the forefront of social and political movements — but we are excited by the current wave of enthusiasm and dedication of young Vermont organizers.

#1. Youth Lobby Day 2017!

Youth Lobby Day (YLD) #RallyForThePlanet is an event organized by a coalition of Vermont high school students known as Youth Lobby. The intent of YLD is to bring the youth voice to politicians in Montpelier, and influence state action on climate change. Last year’s YLD Rally for the Planet drew over 700 high school and college students from across the state, and this year’s event, taking place on Wednesday, April 12th in Montpelier, is expected to draw an even bigger crowd.

#2. VPIRG’s Summer Canvass!

VPIRG’s summer outreach canvass is how VPIRG engages with its membership, identifies the concerns of Vermonters, and raises the money needed to wage successful public interest campaigns every single day. It’s a phenomenal experience that gives young people essential leadership training and organizing skills. Beyond that, it’s a fun way to make a difference, make money, and spend your summer outdoors exploring our beautiful state. To learn more and apply, visit


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