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Water is life, so attend Vermont Clean Water Day this Wed

Clean Water Day is on Wednesday, March 29 from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Meet at the Pavilion Building Auditorium at 109 State Street in Montpelier (the door is on the side street of the History Museum) for a policy briefing. Then, at 10:30 will parade to the State House for a Clean Water Day Press Conference and opportunities to talk to your local legislator.

View the full agenda and RSVP for the event.(Please register in advance so we can be prepared for your attendance.)

Why It’s Important

Clean Water Day will bring together speakers representing the governmental, scientific and agricultural areas, as well as local citizens, to discuss the critical topic of how to clean up Vermont’s lakes, rivers and streams. Achieving and maintaining clean water requires a commitment of resources and money. This is an opportunity to make your voice heard in asking the legislature to make sufficient investment to ensure that Vermont water is drinkable, swimmable and fishable.

If you can not attend please take a moment to call your Representative(s) on Wednesday!

To leave a message for your Representative(s) today, you can simply call the Vermont State House at (802) 828-2228

The Sergeant-at-Arms will ask where you live and then will deliver your message directly to your Representative(s) hands. You can just leave a brief message for them, such as: 

“We need to invest now in clean rivers, lakes, and ponds. Please support water quality funding.”

If you can’t call or attend you can email your Representative(s) instead.

Thank you for taking action and for all you do for Vermont’s environment!

Robb Kidd
Conservation Program Manager
Sierra Club Vermont Chapter

PS: Also, we hope to see you for Movie Night at the State House with Lt. Governor David Zuckerman on April 5

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