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Solar Power is an Untapped Resource in 10 Northeast Cities

While the northeast region of the U.S. might not seem like the ideal area for solar power, the 10 cities listed below have a surprising amount of potential to add solar panels to homes.  It is found that solar panels are viewed as upgrades – just like a renovated kitchen or finished basement! Home buyers across the country are willing to pay an additional $15k for a home with solar panels. Plus, homes with solar panels sell faster than those without!

1. Providence, Rhode Island
2. Rochester, New York
3. Syracuse, New York
4. Worcester, Massachusetts
5. Buffalo, New York
6. Boston, Massachusetts
7. Newark, New Jersey
8. August, Maine
9. Albany, New York
10. Concord, New Hampshire

To learn more about estimated real estate values with and without solar panels and solar potential ratings, visit

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