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SAVE THE DATE Acclaimed Architect Sarah Susanka April 5

Acclaimed Architect, Thought Leader, and Inspirational Speaker

Sarah Susanka

Sarah Susanka

Sarah Susanka

April 5, 2017

Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big” message has become a launch pad for a new dimension of understanding—not just about how we inhabit our homes, but also about how we inhabit our planet and even our day-to-day lives. 
11:00 Meet Sarah Susanka at the Ethics Institute (coffee and King Arthur pastries)
12:00 Presentation and Discussion “Reinventing our Homes and Communities for Aging Independence”(Registration required) at the Haldeman Center, Room 041. Limit 65.
4:30 Lecture and Sustainability Solutions Café “Not So Big: The First Step in Sustainability for Home, Community, and Life” at the Haldeman Center, Room 041.
To register for the noon presentation, visit our website at or call 603-646-1263
Sponsored by the Ethics Institute, cosponsored by the Porter Family Fund for Sustainability in the Curriculum and Osher at Dartmouth.
Why is it that everything today is super-sized—from food, to housing?  What are we really looking for with all that excess?  This presentation takes audience members through the logic that led Susanka to develop a new blueprint for the American home.  She reveals that a better house is rarely a bigger house, and that when homes are right sized for the people who live there, it is also a more comfortable place to live.
But it’s not only our homes that are too big.  Susanka shows that almost everything in our lives tends towards the oversized, when in fact what we’re looking for resides elsewhere.  She reveals that Not So Big principles can be applied to our lives as well, bringing us greater satisfaction and enjoyment, just as they do when applied to our homes.  The two are parts of one puzzle, and right-sizing your life is in fact the first step in creating a more sustainable “you.”
Free and open to the public.

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