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Renewable Energy Coalition Calls For Compromise

In conjunction with New Hampshire Energy Week, pivotal compromise settlement positions New Hampshire to lead in clean energy future 

Concord, NH — As part of the New Hampshire Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) process to determine the state’s future around renewable energy across the Granite State, the Energy Future Coalition has submitted a settlement proposal with the goal of achieving compromise using a proven, data-driven approach to enable lower energy costs for consumers, continued economic growth and job creation for the state, and the opportunity to position New Hampshire as a leader for clean energy.

The Energy Future Coalition is an alliance of local and national solar businesses, energy industry representatives, and clean energy advocates seeking to find a data-driven, New Hampshire-specific solution that is good for local consumers, utilities, and businesses alike. New Hampshire policymakers demonstrated tremendous leadership last year by signing HB 1116 into law and doubling the state’s solar net metering cap — net metering is a policy that enables the right to self generation and fair credit for power sent back to the grid. The bill also initiated the state’s PUC to launch a 10-month proceeding to explore the future of clean energy policy in New Hampshire. As the PUC nears a decision, this coalition’s proposed compromise offers a path forward for the state to begin driving down energy costs for consumers and making the state more energy independent, while protecting ratepayers, thousands of good jobs, and continuing to grow the renewable energy economy.

“The solar industry is offering a significant, good faith compromise and a path forward to reach a more modern, efficient, cheaper grid that benefits all ratepayers and helps to lower our state’s high energy costs,” said Dan Clapp, Partner at New Hampshire-based ReVision Energy. “This common sense, data driven settlement will foster more innovation, enable more growth across our economy and create more clean energy jobs right here in the Granite State.”

“New Hampshire now has a clear, data driven path for utilities to collect the necessary data to lead to a more efficient, cheaper and more modern grid that will help both consumers and the clean energy industry,” said Kate Epsen, Executive Director of NH Sustainable Energy Association.

“Our brewery pulls in more than 50% of its power from the renewable energy generated by our rooftop solar array,” said Nicole Carrier, Co-Founder of New Hampshire-based Throwback Brewery. “As business owners here in New Hampshire, we’ve seen first-hand the economic benefits associated with renewable energy and believe this common sense compromise will help to foster clean energy growth, create more jobs, and grow the economy.”

To view the joint settlement proposal from the Energy Future Coalition click HERE.

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