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Request For Public Comment On New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission Administrative Rules

On January 5,2017, Governor Christopher T. Sununu requested that, no later than March 31, 2017, each state agency prepare a report regarding its administrative rules. The report will outline the Commission’s rules and provide an evaluation on whether each existing or proposed regulation under the Commission’s jurisdiction is mandated by law or is essential to the public health, safety, or welfare. In determining whether a regulation is essential to health, safety, or welfare, the Commission will consider whether:
(a) There is a clear need for the regulation that is best addressed by the Commission and
not another agency or governmental body;
(b) The cost of the regulation exceeds the regulation’s benefits;
(c) The regulation is the least restrictive or intrusive alternative that will fulfill the need
which the regulation addresses;
(d) The regulation unduly burdens the State’s citizens or businesses, or has an
unreasonably adverse effect on the State’s competitive business environment; and
(e) The effectiveness of the regulation can be reasonably and periodically measured, and
there is a process in place to accomplish the same.
The Commission currently maintains in effect 21 chapters of rules, each of which was mandated by statute. The Commission’s rules can be found at: http://puc.nh. gov/Regulatorv/mles.htm. Each of the Commission’s rules is typically vetted by stakeholders, the Commission, and the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules at the time of adoption, based upon the five considerations listed above, among others. Nonetheless, the Commission requests that you comment on any Commission rule that affects you. Please keep your comments limited to and focused on the five considerations identified by Governor Sununu.

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