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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Coming together in the face of climate change denial at NESEA BuildingEnergy Boston



As the fight against climate change becomes more challenging nationally, I am confident that NESEA’s community of sustainable energy practitioners will answer the call together. You’ll find the community you need to build healthier, more durable, energy efficient buildings and communities at BuildingEnergy Boston this year.

BuildingEnergy Boston is a unique event where best practices and actionable models for climate change mitigation are shared and vetted. What separates this year’s conference from those in the past is that we’ve reached beyond our single-family, residential roots and are also turning our attention to larger buildings and communities. I encourage you to look through this year’s conference content, ranging in topic and skill level from Resilient Design 101 to Scaling Net Zero Energy to Communities and Neighborhoods to The Cannabis Cultivation Conundrum.

Please accept this invitation to attend BuildingEnergy Boston and register today.

I sincerely hope you will join us this year,

Jennifer Marrapese

Executive Director

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