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Call For Volunteers to Address Climate Change from Fossil Fuels

Did you work to fight against the NED pipeline project? Are you concerned about rights being violated related to the Dakota Access Pipeline? Or do you ever wish there was something you could do to help get all businesses to focus on clean energy solutions? Climate science reached scientific consensus decades ago that we must stop burning fossil fuels to avoid extremely serious consequences. What motivates the fossil fuel industry to continue to push new, multi-billion dollar fossil fuel infrastructure projects like gas pipelines? They do it because it is profitable to sell fossil fuels. It is a business decision.

The fossil fuel industry is exceptionally profitable ($ hundreds of billions of revenue each year) because the energy market is broken. The high costs to society and taxpayers from the use of fossil fuels are not reflected in the consumer price of the fuels. The costs include direct subsidies like the oil depletion allowance ($1 billion / year), and indirect costs like healthcare problems from burning coal (10,000 deaths / year), and current and future adaptation and mitigation expenses from global warming, climate change, sea level rise and ocean acidification. Those external costs are a giant subsidy to the fossil fuel industry, enabling it to charge low prices which gives them an artificial competitive advantage against clean energy options. Price drives consumer behavior.

We can fix the broken energy market, and by doing so enable free market forces, through fair competition and individual purchasing decisions, to efficiently lead the way to move us off our fossil fuel dependence. A good way to do this is Carbon Fee and Dividend (CFD), because it is fair, protects our personal buying power, will help the economy, and strongly encourages all other countries to do the same. It is also revenue neutral, which means it does not grow government, and can be supported by every member of Congress, including those who have signed the Norquist no new tax pledge. This solution is supported by leading climate scientists and economists, and is good for everyone except those with long-term plans to mass-produce fossil fuels.

You can help end all new gas pipeline projects for good, including the local one that is currently on hold while Kinder Morgan waits for enough buyers, by supporting or joining the 50,000 citizen-volunteers at Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) in the effort to get Carbon Fee and Dividend federal legislation. There are many ways to contribute, from writing letters to the editor, speaking with groups and businesses, and meeting with members of the US Congress, to helping the organization welcome and get new members up to speed.

Supporting Resources:
– Carbon Fee and Dividend intro video (2 minutes):
– Dr. James Hansen: Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change (17 minute TED Talk):
– The Carbon Fee and Dividend solution details:
– Attend a weekly (Wednesday evening) CCL Intro Call:
– New Member Resources:

If you are interested in attending training, please join CCL using the ‘Join CCL’ button from the main page to get connected, and we’ll see you soon!
– Join Citizens Climate Lobby:

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