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Capital Region Meeting of the New York Solar Energy Society

Energy Needs of the Capital Region through the Eyes of Economic Development

Presented by
Dennis A. Brobston, President


 Friday, January 20th, 2017
12 noon to 1 PM
HVCC TEC-SMART 345 Hermes Road, Malta NY
SEDC is a nonprofit economic development group, is coordinating an energy usage study to determine how much power and natural gas is being used by hospitals, manufacturers, schools and local governments.

 Once data is collected, SEDC will organize meetings with stakeholders to come up with a plan to supply adequate power for the region.  What role will PV and renewable energies play in this plan?

Bring your “green” bag lunch (drinks and treats provided)
We welcome renewable energy installers, building efficiency experts, teachers, professional engineers, homebuilders, architects, advocates, students and all interested community members.

Wondering about the technology behind renewable energy? Please join us at the monthly noontime Capital Region meeting of the New York Solar Energy Society.   We tackle solar cooking, solar heating, solar hot water, wind, ground source heat transfer (“geothermal”) and tidal and wave technology. And, we won’t leave out the deep energy retrofits for homes and the importance of
mass transportation and electric vehicles.

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