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Register for Free Event: Sustainability Summit at New York Build

sustainability-bannerRegister for your free ticket today at:

The Sustainability Summit 2017 (March 15th & 16th, Javits Center) is a large-scale Conference, Exhibition and Networking event connecting decision makers, influencers and those exploring sustainability across the built environment, looking to build better communities and share information.

Speakers include: New York Passive House, Dattner Architects, Earth Day Initiative, Ergodyne, New York City District Council of Carpenters, MACE, OSHA and many more.

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  • Hello,
    My name is Michael Pearson. I live in Norwich, Vermont and have just been talking at length with Helen Bruno of Green Mountain Power. I’m very interested in producing some wind energy on our property and a bit of solar and have it so we can keep our pellet stove (perhaps oil furnace, which we’re trying hard not to use) and our wi-fi plus some lights running during an extended power outage (I mean many days). Helen has made it clear that her PowerWall project (which we have signed up for) would only provide power for a day or two. In discussing these matters, Helen suggested I contact the Editor of G.E.T. and ask to be referred to George Harvey. If I could have his email address or have him call be for a brief chat – Helen thought this could be of a great help for me. Regards, – MP – email:
    PS We are SunCommon CSA users since March who have just had a GMP heat pump water heater installed and hence are attempting to totally stop using oil.

  • Michael, Thank you for your message. You can contact either George Harvey at or myself at the G.E.T. main office: or 802.439.6675. I do think I passed this along to George last month after receiving a message from you? If you have not managed to g.e.t. in touch with us, please let me know.

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